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Career Professionals, Inc. has been serving the professional and technical staffing needs of southeastern manufacturers since 1985

About CPI

Career Professionals, Inc is an executive recruiting firm that has been serving southeastern manufacturers since 1985. We are a well-respected search firm known in the industry for our professionalism and our high-quality candidate pool.

We are a contingency search firm, which means we only get paid if we successfully place a candidate with a client company. Therefore, our goal is to represent only the BEST candidates to the BEST employers.

We go through great lengths to qualify candidates and prepare customized profiles on each of them for presentation to our loyal clientele. We are typically aware of multiple job openings that we can immediately fill if we can identify the right candidates. We are committed to sourcing and qualifying top-notch candidates for our client companies.

Career Professionals, Inc is an independent search firm with strong ties to Top Echelon, the nation’s largest recruiting network.